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In our rented crushing facilities, all the steps involved in soybeans industrialization process, from the reception of beans, production, to the storage of finished products, are strictly taken in compliance with the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry Manual of Good Practices.

This Manual is imposed by a Brazilian Government law, which sets out all the rules for the production of soybean meal and degummed soybean oil, such as those concerning personal hygiene, uniforms and equipment, environmental protection, sanitation, operational hygiene and storage processes.




Soybean Classification

Soybean Classification is the first step when the soybean cargos arrive at the plant. In this stage of the process, beans are classified to determinate whether they are in accordance with the Brazilian Standard. If soybean quality is out of the norm, the cargo is immediately returned.



Soybean Reception

AAfter Classification comes the next step: Reception. In this stage, soybeans are unloaded and precleaned for the removal of impurities. Then, beans are dried and stored into the vertical silos or in warehouses.






When the soybeans are in the silos and warehouses, they are ready to go into production. However, before going into crushing, the beans go through a second cleaning process, when the remaining impurities are removed, guaranteeing high quality products.



Oil Extraction

After the crushing process, the semi industrialized product goes to oil extraction. This is performed by a device known as "Rotocel", where the oil is separated with the use of a solvent (hexane). After that, the oil obtained is degummed.





Crude Soybean Degummed Oil

After industrialization, one of the final soybean products is the Crude Degummed Soybean Oil, which can be used to produce Refined Oil, Food Products, Biodiesel, Cosmetics, Animal Feed and others.


Soybean Meal

Soybean Meal is the other product resulting from soybean industrialization, which is normally used in the production of Animal Feed, due to its high protein content.


Soybean Meal Storage

The Soybean Meal is stored in appropriate warehouses, where it remains ready for shipment by road or rail to the final destination, either in the domestic market or for exportation.

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